gum tree

10 aussie slang definitions
  • axe-breaker

    Name of hardwood tree.
  • blue-gum

    Species of gum tree.
  • eucalyptol

    Oil extracted from Eucalyptus tree.
  • eucalyptus

    The gum tree. There are 120 species.
  • gum tree

    Variety of Eucalyptus.
  • gunyah

    A blackfellow's humpy, built of bark, sometimes around a tree, but not always, tapering from a peak at the top to a bell-shape at the bottom.
  • myall

    An acacia tree, the wood of which is hard and well-grained.
  • quandong

    Aboriginal name for tree with small bluish-red fruit.
  • umbrella-bush

    A small bushy tree used for hedges.
  • drop bear

    A dangerous Australian marsupial found typically around the coast line, although often ventures inland. The Drop Bear spends most of its life hidden in tree canopies and is the only native predator of humans on the continent. Drop Bears have been known to strike during the day, however they are most active at night and will wait for campers or other prey to fall asleep before attacking. It is important to always employ the buddy system when camping in Australia. Carry a radio, personal locator beacon or satellite phone, plenty of food and water, and always carry Drop Bear repellent.