12 aussie slang definitions
  • bail

    Arrangement for confining cow's head.
  • block

  • bustard

    In colour and in shape of head distinct from the Wild Turkey. The Bustard lives in the scrub, the Wild Turkey on the plains.
  • crocodile

    A four-footed reptile, with long flat head and very large mouth displaying many teeth, sunken eyes, nose slightly turned up.
  • head

    A person of authority.
  • head serang

    The master.
  • kangaroo

    A marsupial animal about five feet long including the tail, with small head, large ears, very long and powerful hind legs, and a long, thick tail.
  • native cat

    Distinguishable from the domestic animal by its head, which is rat shaped, while its snout is narrow.
  • swingin' the head

    To impose; making excuses.
  • wise-head

    A knowing individual.
  • head serang

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