21 aussie slang definitions
  • black swan

    A large black aquatic bird of the duck family with very heavy body and exceptionally long neck.
  • brolga

    A bluish-grey bird of the crane specie, with very long legs.
  • brumby

    A wild horse with long matted mane and tail and of ill-breeding.
  • crocodile

    A four-footed reptile, with long flat head and very large mouth displaying many teeth, sunken eyes, nose slightly turned up.
  • curlew

    Bush bird, with depressing note, of the snipe family, but large size for a member of that group. Long legs, bill turned downwards.
  • grasshopper

    A leaping, grass-feeding insect varying from less than an inch to two inches in length, with spare body and very long wings and legs.
  • ibis

    A specie of heron, about two feet long, with long, slender, downwardly curved bill like that of a curlew, with which don't confuse.
  • jaw-breaker

    Excessively long word.
  • kangaroo

    A marsupial animal about five feet long including the tail, with small head, large ears, very long and powerful hind legs, and a long, thick tail.
  • long-headed

    Calculating person.
  • long-sleever

    An elongated glass.