suds shop

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  • suds

  • suds shop

  • fed up

    Hi AnaMy name is Patricia and i'm from Oporto, Portugal. I discovered your blog and every day i go there to see you bauutifel posts (sorry my english!)You inspire me!I'm laywer, but i have with my mother and sister a shop. It's call "A Meada da Foz" and you inspire me to make my own blog "".Thank you!I hope you enjoy my blog!This weekend we received many things to make our Cristhmas bauutifel! I went to Paris last Setember to the "Maison et Object 2007" and i bought a lot of things!Once again, thank you!Patricia Figueiredo (TITA)PS -2 years ago I went to Australia in my honeymoon!I loved Australia. I began in Perth, then Ayers Rock, Cairns (and i did by car all the way to Brisbane!), Brisbane and I finally Sydney. I just adore your country and also the people! Very friendly!I also went to the whitsundays beach! Heaven in earth!Hope to ear from you!Bye