25 aussie slang definitions
  • austral thrush

    A bird of the thrush species; found in N.S.W.
  • bell-bird

    So-called from resemblance of its notes to tinkle of bell.
  • bell-topper

    Tall silk hat.
  • bird

    Quaint person.
  • bird, to get the

    To be greeted derisively.
  • black swan

    A large black aquatic bird of the duck family with very heavy body and exceptionally long neck.
  • brolga

    A bluish-grey bird of the crane specie, with very long legs.
  • butcher bird

    Name given the family of Australian shrikes, distinguished for their habit of hanging prey to "ripen," and for their powers of song.
  • curlew

    Bush bird, with depressing note, of the snipe family, but large size for a member of that group. Long legs, bill turned downwards.
  • eaglehawk

    Australian species of Uroaetus, a large bird.
  • emu

    A large non-flying ground bird.