black swan

9 aussie slang definitions
  • aboriginal

    An original inhabitant of any land; an Australian black.
  • black swan

    A large black aquatic bird of the duck family with very heavy body and exceptionally long neck.
  • black-tracker

    Aboriginal used to track criminals.
  • blinker

    A black eye.
  • magpie

    Black-and-white Crow-Shrike bird.
  • shag

    A black-and-white bird which lives mostly on fish.
  • tasmanian devil

    A carnivorous burrowing marsupial, with a coarse, mostly jet black fur, and about the size of a badger.
  • wagtail

    A small black bird with occasional white feathers, long and fan-shaped tail, which it habitually jerks about.
  • wallaroo

    Aboriginal name for large black Kangaroo.