fair crack of the whip

14 aussie slang definitions
  • barney fair

  • cat, to whip the

    To regret.
  • crack hardy

    To suppress feelings.
  • crack up

    To become exhausted.
  • dinkum

    Fair and honest.
  • fair crack of the whip

    Just treatment.
  • fair go

    Just treatment.
  • stock-whip

    A long, plaited thong on a diminutive handle.
  • whip the cat

    To regret.
  • nip

    We just want a fair deal where both sides are bearing the weight of the present times and with an eye on the future of the game of basketball.". nike norge http://www.quincetreeinn.com/
  • didjeridoo, didgeridoo

    G'day 2KM and 2KJ,Strike a light, that's a dinki di Aussie song and you blokes sing it so well. Strewth, it's a bewdy. There's nihnotg more dinkum than saying g'day to a mate.Now in English for those confused Oh, my gosh, that's a real Australian song and you all sing it so well. Wow, it's a good one. There's nihnotg more real than saying hello to a friend.I have the song on iTunes and have used it in class in the past. My favourite Australian song would probably be Waltzing Matilda . It's the song of a person who steals a sheep and throws himself into a billabong (pond) rather than being taken by police. When Australia was deciding on a new National Anthem to replace God Save the Queen , many suggested we use the music from Waltzing Matilda but it was thought not to be a good idea as it was about a person stealing a sheep. We have Advance Australia Fair as our National Anthem.Ross Mannell (NSW)Australia