let drive

4 aussie slang definitions
  • let drive

    To strike at.
  • nip

    Situation : perfect working hardware based on a socket A board with a KT133A chipset, with internal ZIP drive installed. Nike Free Run + 2 http://www.ravewithus.com/dame/nike-free-run-2/
  • hard lines

    The French eat really long meals (chew slwoly) and walk EVERYWHERE. While Americans/Australians eat as fast as they can and take the car. The Japanese eat very small portions and walk everywhere as well. France and the Japanese walk to nearby markets to buy stuff. Population is dense and everything is close by. Americans live in very largely spaced apart areas and have to drive everywhere. Most shops are in malls. That's why.
  • leery

    the baby rhino is adorable...but like all babys it will grow up into a teen... then an adult...Muscles like that are NOT acttatrive... Mooning... wow have not done or thought about that in YEARSSSS it seems to be a young boy thing they are just so excited about anything remotely "dirty"Drunk drivers.... Make me sick... get drunk no problem... but to drive while drunk... Line em up and shoot em all...I agree avoid surgery unless to not have it you will die.I feel for the woman in the picture... she has to be in continual pain and absolutely has no life outside of her bed... makes me sadWTF are smart flies?Ewwww to the penis art if it actually qualifies as art which in my opinion it does not but no one asked me!HUGSSSSSLaura