8 aussie slang definitions
  • bandicoot

    A small marsupial animal differing from the Kangaroo in many ways, particularly in tail (which resembles the rat).
  • kangaroo

    A marsupial animal about five feet long including the tail, with small head, large ears, very long and powerful hind legs, and a long, thick tail.
  • marsupial

    An animal in which the female has abdominal pouch for carrying young.
  • native bear

    A small marsupial animal with grey fur and full expressive face (see KOALA).
  • 'possum

    A marsupial animal living in hollow trees, about two and half feet long, including the tail. The fur is chiefly greyish mixed with whitish hair.
  • tasmanian devil

    A carnivorous burrowing marsupial, with a coarse, mostly jet black fur, and about the size of a badger.
  • wombat

    A burrowing marsupial with thick heavy body, short legs, rudimentary tail and in general form resembling a small bear.
  • drop bear

    A dangerous Australian marsupial found typically around the coast line, although often ventures inland. The Drop Bear spends most of its life hidden in tree canopies and is the only native predator of humans on the continent. Drop Bears have been known to strike during the day, however they are most active at night and will wait for campers or other prey to fall asleep before attacking. It is important to always employ the buddy system when camping in Australia. Carry a radio, personal locator beacon or satellite phone, plenty of food and water, and always carry Drop Bear repellent.