short of a gallop

7 aussie slang definitions
  • kelpie

    A short-haired, pricked-eared, medium-sized Australian-bred dog, with a strain of dingo blood in him.
  • short of a gallop

    Out of condition.
  • wombat

    A burrowing marsupial with thick heavy body, short legs, rudimentary tail and in general form resembling a small bear.
  • nip

    I think you're right on track. Short Sleeve Polo
  • donks

    (short for Donkey's years). A long time.
  • platypus

    Good morning! First Thank you so much for this peattrn..we are doing a very short Disney trip and I am making this as a surprise! I am don't crochet very much so I am having a little trouble on just one part .The bill-I understand chain 30 connect and sc so 30 my question is with the sc dec 3 times and sc 9 times: does that mean sc dec 3 times at the beginning right in a row? then 9 sc ? If you can offer any guidance..I realize this is an older post so no worries.
  • plat

    short for "platypus"